The Clayton County Solicitor General’s office has a proven record of community outreach through partnership with the Clayton County Public School System by providing school supplies for back to school and healthy food/snacks for students in need during holiday breaks. Additionally, every year we ensure that all students in need in Clayton County Public Schools have a gift to open during the holiday season. 

This Legacy of community outreach is a strong foundation for us to continue to build upon by implementing additional programs to include:

  • Work with county leadership to assign/install at least one community prosecutor per commissioner district.
  • Work with faith-based community, business owners, community activist, and law enforcement to create a citizen’s panel for advisement on community needs relating to the criminal justice system and reform efforts
  • Implement quarterly town hall meetings with the Solicitor General
  • Work with State Court Judges to expand accountability courts, to include a mental health court, and veterans court
  • Expand access to diversion programs for those financially incapable
  • Work with community leaders to implement a court watch program in Clayton County to hold all parts of the justice system accountable.